About us

‘Every man’s proper mansion house and home being the theater of his hospitality, the seat of his self-fruition, the comfortable part of his own life, the noblest of his son’s inheritance, a kind of private princedom, may the possession thereof an epitome of the whole world…’

Sir Henry Wotton

Elements of Architecture 1624

Truer words were never spoken, as people used to express themselves so elegantly back in the day. But how to make your visitors, both friends and acquaintances, admire your home so much that a couple of days later they remain stunned and even start planning refurbishments of their own homes? While you, after seeing them to the door, settle down on the comfortable sofa, and surrounded by goose down pillows deepen into the reading of your favorite book under the lights of a silk lampshade, feeling how all this homelike satisfaction not only reflects its cash equivalent, but also increases the value year after year.

There’s simply one answer – address the professionals, like you call your dentist or hairdresser, who can surely and immediately fix the problem or change your look in just 30 minutes; like you contact a reliable car service where no harm will be caused to your dearest automobile.

We are these professionals, and we know exactly how to put into practice that which Sir Wotton spoke about nearly 500 years ago.

As nothing has changed in the world since then…

Welcome to the website of Steff Nickolson company. It was founded in 2002 and from the very beginning aimed at creating the widest range of luxury furniture in Europe. Here on the website pages you will find a unique variety of high end furniture and accessories for your home, ready for immediate shipping anywhere in the world.

It distinguishes us from the competitors thus accentuating our advantage, as most of their manufacturing takes 3-4 months, if not more. We deliver goods on a turn-key basis, including exclusive furniture from our warehouse in Central Europe.

Our company is the official dealer of all our manufacturing partners. This allows us to purchase their products well below market value and price our goods below all other on-line stores. Our consultants and designers are always ready to help you with any piece of furniture you want.