Home staging


Home staging is a relatively new tool in the real estate market, introducing a professional preparation of the house or apartment by design specialists. As the result, properties are sold faster and for a better price.Recent statistics coming from UK and USA, where home staging is already widespread, proves this fact. Yet in Europe this price stimulation method is only beginning to gather pace.

The Steff Nickolson company offers these kind of services, namely in the niche of luxury home furnishings, including the custom furniture option. Our best furniture products can help you with rapid and effective sale of property, by demonstrating it's brightest side and concealing disadvantages.
Design may vary, yet the fundamental goal of home staging remains the same – to sell an apartment with substantial benefits. 
The Steff Nickolson home staging services include:
  • Professional consultations;
  • Evaluation of house or apartment;
  • Elaboration of staging plan, containing basic recommendations, such as tips for making the living space look more attractive;
  • Delivery of our furniture and decorations in order to stage the house;
  • Concealing weak spots of the apartment while emphasizing its advantages
  • Placing of furniture and accessories, implementation of the design colour solutions.
Our experienced design consultants will be glad to answer your questions concerning home staging services. Choosing Steff Nickolson, you benefit from using our high quality furniture – if the house is decorated with prestigious furniture, such as that from Theodore Alexander brand, a potential buyer will be most likely impressed, thus raising stakes for the successful deal.  More than 2000 furniture items and accessories from the world’s best factories are constantly available to be shipped from our warehouse in Central Europe. Plus, we are ready to help you with home staging at the same time.