Our designers


Welcome to the web page of our luxury interior designers!

Apart from selling goods for luxury home decor, the Steff Nickolson company offers assistance of the high end designers who can carry out projects in different styles, starting from art-deco to the classic modern design, from the classic English interior to the province one. Their portfolios comprise the most unusual and inimitable houses all over the world.

Our specialists are ready to provide you with a wide range of services in creating the full turnkey project, including a preliminary free-of-charge 2-hour discussion with the client, so that we could consider all his preferences and create a concept of the ideal dream house for your family members, hobbies etc.
Further, we take measurements and conduct visualization of the object in order to shape a model of future interior by sketching it's basic premises. Our designers can share their vision and ideas for selecting a color solution for the object, indicate the necessary expenses for extensive renovation and redecoration, and type of the materials used. Afterwards, they can help you to plan the lighting, place the design furniture in the kitchen, dressing room and bathroom.

Our designers are equipped with all the modern tools to address the client’s needs. They can also offer an option of the bespoke furniture from the world’s best manufacturers, fabrics and curtains from natural linen, cotton, wool and silk, crockery and silver cutlery, antique and modern carpets, bed linens, mattresses for a perfect night’s sleep, and many other accessories that will save your time and allow getting professional services.

By choosing our leading design consultants, you will not only acquire an exclusive interior, but also a priceless experience of interacting with truly creative individuals, who may certainly be your good fellows for the years to come.