In recent years, we have witnessed the rising trend for all things vintage, and not just in interiors. Our consumer society, which once sought out the most modern, cutting edge and exclusive designs for the home, has taken a step back in time and objects that were once so highly coveted now share the lime light with an older, more experienced and more mature version of themselves…antiques! The desire to own the newest, shiniest pieces for our homes has given way to a need to fill our homes with unique pieces that have a story to tell and that have stood the test of time.

That’s like asking a mother to choose their favourite child.  Each country offers unique antiquing opportunities.  France is the mecca for antique shoppers; Paris and Provence offer the best selection of antiques anywhere in the world and are the most amazing places to shop.

But the best prices can sometimes be found outside of France. You can often find beautiful French antiques in England and often at better prices than in France.  England has a diverse and eclectic inventory with perhaps the widest variety of antiques anywhere in the world.

When using antiques in your home, what should you bear in mind when mixing pieces from different eras and styles?

The most boring thing you can do in your home is to decorate all in one style; whether you’ve bought an entire living room floor model at Ikea or bought the most pricey Art Deco collection money can buy. Variety is the spice of life and layering your home with different periods and price tags creates a cozy comfortable home. Just as if you were contrasting colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel, mixing precious and pop punctuate a room in ways all one echelon could never do on its own.