Design tips

Home is place where you feel safe,an environment in which you can be utterly yourself.
It is more than just a space to rest one s head. Home is a manifestation of your life whoever you are and whatever that means to you.Your home is extension of yourself, and you should never feel uncomfortable!


When applied to the living - room "traditional" always used to mean elaborate curtain treatments, tabletops crammed with collections of all sorts of things: oriental rugs, a lot of furniture upholstered in multicolored prints and papered or "paint-effect" walls, likewise crammed with pictures, scones and mirrors.
Antiques alone do not create a traditional interior, nonetheless, a carefully selected mix of old and new, patina and architectural details can all be blended to produce a comforting feeling of tradition.

Private Moments


The bedrooms is the last place you see when you go to sleep and the first place you see when you wake in the morning, so it has the biggest influence on your state of well - being of any room in the house. Everything within the bedroom should be designed to engender calm and comfort, from the way the bed is dressed and the furniture is arranged to the textures, colour palette and lighting. Edit down what you keep here to the bare minimum, focusing on surrounding yourself with those items that really mean something to you and that make you happy every time you look at them!

Cook and chat 


The kitchen today is about more than cooking.
The kitchen has become a multi - functional, multi - layered room, a hybrid between cooking, eating and living.
There are some items on which it is worth spending more money to have something truly special. Kitchen taps are akin to pieces of sculpture, so push the boat out when deciding on these.