Quick delivery

Have you purchased your dream house or apartment? Do you want to move there and get an excellent interior with solid and luxurious furniture as soon as possible? Yet there’s a problem – you can not do it the way you’ve planned it, because it takes a long time to manufacture and then deliver the high quality furniture – approximately from 3 to 6 months at least.

You can surf the net searching for ‘luxury furniture online’, ‘online luxury furniture’, ‘luxury furniture stores online’, or ‘top furniture stores’, but the result will remain the same – unfortunately, you will not find what you want with an option of immediate shipping. If you, of course, don’t get to the Steff Nickolson web site!

We offer a unique opportunity in the best furniture industry, namely the immediate shipping of furniture and accessories from our warehouse in Central Europe to anywhere in the world. At the Steff Nickolson online store, in the quick delivery section you will find hundreds of the highest quality items ready to be shipped at any time.

These are furniture and decorations from the astonishing Theodore Alexander factory, particularly various vases and statuettes, table accessories, convenient chairs and armchairs, striking tables and chests of drawers, beautiful beds and wardrobes, mirrors and lamps, desks and bookcases, etc.

Beside the immediate shipping benefit, we offer magnificent silk carpets from Persian Silk Rugs, and well as carpet form the world famous manufacturer Tufenkian Carpets. All the other products represented in our online store are shipped quickly enough as well, compared to the usual shipping procedure in furniture manufacturing – 4-6 weeks, once we have received your payment. 

This became possible due to our long-term experience in the field, an arranged partnerships and very precise logistics. Steff Nickolson will provide you with a consultation from our most competent professionals, quick and comfortable delivery of outstanding works of furniture art.